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USDA found Aurora in complete compliance with organic pasture standards. Result: Price for dairy livestock are generally down.

Some Agri-Mark members will pay higher stop charge fees to their co-op, starting in January 2018. For the farmer being picked up every other day, thats an extra 0/month in extra marketing costs paid to the co-op. The hike is based upon a recent internal milk hauling study. dairy farmers have probably never heard of that group. Some buyers are looking for breeding age and short-bred heifers.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Those law are the targets of multiple lawsuits, and the states DOJ looks like it is scrambling for a fall-back position. Kathy Bernier (R) has submitted that bill, which is as yet unnumbered. Separately, we report that Russian interests want to buy 33,000 U. Pete Hardin offers his two cents on National Milk Producers Federation and its half-baked plan to improve the Margin Protection Program-Dairy the worthless safety net program for dairy farmers that has more holes than a piece of good Swiss cheese.

Dairy Farmers of America is offering cheap Class III milk to Wisconsin plants from the Mid-East order. But the weekly dairy commodity price survey of manufacturers by USDAs Agricultural Marketing Service didnt go down. In late August, the Courts came down hard on Defendants in dairys long-running milk powder mis-reporting case.

Is this a short-term curio, or a sign of things to come??? The court let stand some aspects of RICO (anti-mafia) claims against Defendants Dairy America and California Dairies, Inc.

Kent Weigel about concerns that a variant of bovine milk proteins Kappa Casein E may not allow curd formation in cheese vats as efficiently as milk from dairy cows without the Kappa Casein E gene.

Dairy Export Council, advises that Canadas farm production for dairy, poultry and pork must be gotten rid of, in a more liberal trade environment. Jan Shepel interviews UW-Madison Dairy Science department head Dr.

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Meanwhile, a dairy farmer from south-central Michigan puzzles why Michigan Milk Producers Assn. In the coming months, dairy marketers in that area may honestly project a big drop in milk production, due to poor crops and limited financial resources on dairy farms.

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