Hook up mlf

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This document was originally written for LCDproc 0.4.3, but has been dramatically updated since.

Therefore the client or LCDd may still show a different screen if it assigns it a higher priority than any other screen.This way we do not have to learn all the package managing tools of the different platforms that are supported by LCDproc. an opening square bracket, followed by the section name, and terminated by a closing square bracket, on a line by itself. Parameters are grouped into sections and have the form Define the startup message printed on the screen when LCDd starts.This message will stay on the screen until the first client connects.Unfortunately we cannot provide a list of LCDproc clients here.So, take a look at the Clients page on LCDproc's web site or have fun searching Google or freshmeat.

Hook up mlf-13Hook up mlf-56Hook up mlf-41

If not given, it defaults to the built-in server screen that tells how many clients are connected and how many screens these clients are using in total.

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