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Amber Rose Revah wears DRESS, Suzannah; EARRINGS, Kirsten Goss.

‘So much of what Sooni does is about either impressing or competing with him,’ says Aysha. Aafrin is the golden boy – he’s a first-born male and that’s crucial culturally.I left it out there – so now they have to commission another series.Anglo-Indian actress Aysha plays Sooni – an idealistic young woman who represents the future of modern India.But she’s also a strong, independent and quietly passionate woman who is committed to her work at the local mission school and is falling in love with her boss, the married Douglas (Craig Parkinson.)Strong females struggling with adversity are my stock in trade. My parents are not together and my mum raised five of us on her own. We’ve seen each other for just six days in the past six months! I won’t take the credit for all of us working out in Penang, but it was certainly fun to go to the gym together.I also bought a fold-up bike and would cycle around the place every morning.

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