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Call us today and we can match your adult son or daughter with the perfect solution. Independent living programs are specifically designed to help young adults (age 18 – 28) who have failed to launch.

Meaning, they struggling to deal with life on life's terms; unmotivated, depressed, anxious, or dealing with issues related to substance abuse.

Your experience at either location will be guided by your personalized treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will included the following: Evoke’s wilderness therapy programs for young adults provides high school credit, when necessary, through our unique customized and accredited curriculum through Advance Ed.

Fostering strengths and improving upon weaknesses allows you or your son/daughter to focus on their intervention, treatment, academics, family involvement, and mastery.

Our nationally recognized, individually tailored wilderness therapy programs lead the industry in specialized intervention services and relational model therapy as a catalyst for positive change in struggling young adults.

The emotional and physical safety of clients is the most important factor for our staff.

We offer a “build them up” philosophy focusing on their strengths and encouraging growth in those areas.

For a list of issues our wilderness therapy program works well with visit Is Evoke Right for Me?

This experience consists of backpacking and primitive living skills, coupled with personalized clinical treatment and individualized and group therapy.

This program is for young adults ages 18-35 who feel stuck, lost, unmotivated, overwhelmed or need help finding their inner empowerment.

Sometimes it takes a new place, with new influences, good coaching, and miracles can happen. ZES has helped hundreds of families and we hope to work with you.

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Our job is to help you find the perfect solution and start the healing process today. ZES represents some of the best independent living programs in the US. The top independent living programs provide cutting edge therapeutic support designed specifically for today's struggling young adults.