Who ois tony romo dating

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Who ois tony romo dating

After dating Romo briefly in 2007, telling , “we broke up over text.” In addition to Underwood, Crawford did some bonding with Kim Kardashian in August.While Kardashian briefly dated fellow Cowboy Miles Austin, she and Crawford sat together in the stands while keeping their eyes on their men during the team’s training camp.

The ex-Dallas Cowboys quarterback and his gorgeous wife, 30, on Wednesday revealed they welcomed their third child, Jones Mccoy, adding to their brood that includes boys Hawkins, five, and Rivers, three.So much is going on in their little minds, and I love getting glimpses of them when the day winds down. Just like on any day, we find ourselves coming up with creative ideas to help and teach our kiddos, whether at home, in school, at bedtime, in sports, etc.What better way then to have fun with it while also staying practical?We bought a little handheld baby monitor, and they love listening to the baby’s heartbeat.PEOPLE: What’s the best part of being a mom to boys? Candice: The best part about being a boy mom is that they keep me active! I felt nauseous 24/7, and it lasted well into my second trimester. Usually I could take it or leave it, but when I am pregnant I love starting my morning with a glass of cold orange juice. Candice: The beauty about Hawk Sloane is that we can work around our kids’ schedules and I do it with my best friend, so it never feels like work.

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